Scanning System (Scanner) on 52 cards

Scanning System (Scanner) on 52 cards

This poker scanner has a function that predicts the suits and numbers of cards per second.

When our camera scanner scans the card, our poker scanner can automatically read and analyze barcode card (pre-processed). Then you can know the number and suit of each card from the micro-earphone ..

This scanning system can be configured to read the result in different ways:

1.Govorit card from top to bottom with stripes or without stripes (all 52 cards can talk).
2 Speak cards top to bottom with stripes or without stripes (all 52 cards can talk).
3.Govorit how this card from top to bottom or bottom to top.

There is a small button that is used to configure the scanner to said card. Click exactly Gowar 2 cards (this is definitely in the system, since the memory of man can not remember so many cards at once). Thus, you can control when the scanner must talk cards during the game.

Our poker scanner can be used in games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Black Jack, Monte, etc.

1) Processor: iPhone 4
2) The phone-camera scanning (at your option phone model Nokia, Samsung: ..)
3) Earphone

If you want to watch a video that shows this system, send us an email, please.

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