Scanning System for Texas Holdem

Scanning System for Texas Holdemis a new generation

Our latest Scanning System for Texas Holdem is the most advanced scanning system in the world now. You can control the scanner single, do not need a computer and a partner. You can know who the winners of the first and second, and even occupied the place of each box before any cards are dealt. Micro earpiece tells you the result of the game of Texas. Of course, the pre-processed map. This set with 100% accuracy is very convenient to carry.

The system scans the card at a speed of 0.3 sec. That allows very rapid analysis transmit signal processor. Then processor analyzes for 0.5 sec .. And do not need a second you can hear the result.

That is convenient for every customer from different countries, we provide products Multilingual options: English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. We have English and Russian version has already been cooked. If you need products other option to book in advance, please.

The kit includes:
1) Processor: iPhone 4
2) The phone-camera scanning (at your option phone model Nokia, Samsung: ..)
3) Earphone