A Grade UV contact lenses poker cheat


A Grade UV contact lense,it is a pair of special UV contact lenses can help you to operate with all luminous marked cards.

A Function:With UV contact lenses can see which marked cards it is ,even though the card not seen the suit and number.

B Size:The UV contact lenses is suitable for human eyes,the purple place is the same size to human pupil that can see marked cards.

C Configuration: It contains a pair of UV contact lenes, a bottle of care solution,a plastic tweezers,a mirror,a small contact lens case

D Advantage:1.Not easy to arouse curiosity of other people.
2.Single person operation, no need any other partner.
3.Can wear in a long time
4.Support all luminous marked cards

E Disadvantage:Not good to wear this contact lens over 24hrs.

Product Detail:

The user just need to wear this UV contact lenses before poker games,and need to use the marked cards which is operated with this UV contact lenese,so that both contact lenses and marked cards can help user know the poker game result.