India Sharda NO.51 paper UV playing marked card


It is paper cards -------- India Sharda NO.51 Club Quality Plastic Coated Playing Cards.It can be made as a marked cards that can be seen by our special contact lenses.

A Function:There is a special contact lenses can see which card it is ,even though the card is back to you.

B Size:As the normal plastic cards you can see in the market.

C Advantage:1.The marked letter is big enough to see
2.Can be use in any card game and nobody will feel any different
3.Only the user wear the special contact lenses ,then can see not only his cards ,but other people cards which was marked.

Product Detail:

How to use
It is very easy to use ,the user just wear the special contact lenses ,then put the cards where you want ,the you can see and marked as you know .