Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer

It is a real Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer. it is a modern poker analyzer.


1. it is Samsung mobile phone which can make phone calling
2. it has a built-in camera which the distance is 20-30cm to scan the edge bar code marking playing cards; you also can use extra camera to scan the marked cards, that is, it will be more convenient for you to operate the poker analyzer
3. it is better than Iphone poker analyzer(AKK) to scan the irregular marked cards, that is, you don't need to put the marked cards so neatly
4. it has Chinese version and English version Samsung poker analyzer.
5. other style poker analyzer won't receive the frequency of this Samsung mobile phone poker analyzer.
How to use It is a mobile phone in appearance. It only needs 0.3 second to analyze the first rank before you begin the game. It is easy to operate.

Product Detail:

Support for all poker games:Indian poker games,Omaha poker games,Texas holdem poker games......

Used for:
Private poker gambling;
The party of gambling;
Private casino;
Match Poker;
Magic show.

Operating procedures:
1. With the earphone to listen the poker game result
2. Adjust the exact place between the infrared camera and pokers. In 0.3second, the analyzer will report the biggest winner and the second player's hand.